Judith Conaway
Sales and Training Programs for Corporations

Echo 3 New Media (1998 to 2001)

Design, writing and storyboarding of interactive sales training program, for Kraft Foodservices.

Sun Healthcare Group (1998)

Writing, editing and instructional design for 15 online training programs, directed toward nursing home administrators and employees and dealing with human resources and operations issues. The materials are distributed on the company's intranet.

Jack Morton Productions, Washington (1996)

Instructional design, writing, illustration and desktop publishing for a card-based program instructing Mobil station managers in recruiting, interviewing and hiring

Jack Morton Productions, Atlanta (1994-95)

Writing, instructional design and project direction for an interactive CD-ROM training program to accompany the FedEx Rex sales force computer application

Integral Training Systems (1988)

Instructional design and writing for an interactive video project, the Lifetrack Wellness Program.


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