Judith Conaway
Textbooks and Curriculum-Related Workbooks

Mahoney Interactive (1999–2001)

Writing fictional short stories based on historical events, for a history series published by Houghton Mifflin

Stories from History

Writing teacher's Resource manual to accompany a high school textbook published by McDougal Littell

Introduction to Journalism

Empak Publishing Company (1990–94)

Writing and instructional design for 40 workbooks to accompany Empak biographies of African Americans. In addition, I researched and wrote several short biographies and researched and wrote the following title.

African-American Times: Chronologies of Black History

Ligature, Inc. (1992)

Writing of twentieth-century chapters as well as extensive teacher's materials for , an American history textbook series published by Houghton, Mifflin.

America Will Be

Scott, Foresman, and Company (1992)

Writing of textbook sections, verbal/visual pages, teacher's notes and ancillary materials for a science textbook series, grades 1–6. As is usual in such projects, the writers worked with educational consultants and visual designers at every stage of the project—from outlining in PowerPoint to rewriting and copyfitting in Quark.

Discover the Wonder

Society for Visual Education/ SVE (1992)

Writing, illustration, design and layout for three 48-page reproducible workbooks in the series Multicultural America. The books guide students in learning history research skills and using those skills to explore America's diverse heritage.

Native Americans: A Personal History
Hispanic Americans: A Personal History
African Americans: A Personal History

Curriculum Concepts (1986)

Writing and visual design of a 96-page kindergarten math textbook for Holt. Judith wrote the text copy, sketched out each page and provided teacher's notes and suggestions for ancillary materials (reproducible pages).

Holt Kindergarten Math

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